Saturday, August 8, 2009


Well,it is not about the ghosts and aliens and all that.I am writing this one straight out of my heart.Some hours ago when I was just doing nothing but staring at the sky of the night I felt so lonely.It seemed that nobody was around me.Though my family was near,very near of me...I really felt so lonely.The stars in the sky or far beyond the sky seem to surrounded by their familiar natives.But distance among them are just unthinkably long.Our life is just like the stars'.We are so close of each other,still we can't touch each others soul.We boast we have money,talent and many more things.Who does not have these materialistic things they just go on to lead a sorrowful life to reach some unknown destination.
Everything in life is unknown.I mean everything actually.It may sound like a philosophical jargon.May be it is.But that is the cruel reality I have ever faced.We seem to know everything around us to make ourselves feel comfortable.We pretend to know each other.We care for each other.But everything is just our imagination.This imagination has led us to make family,make friends and society and all that you know.We created these things because it makes us feel comfortable.
We lead life.Some people get fame name and all that.Some people try to find it his whole life.And some just lead life for just living it.But the final destination to all of us is unseen,unknown & unpredictable.It is so dark and unknown that we can not even imagine about it and so we are not comfortable to talk about the end.It makes us depressed.We just unknowingly move towards the unseen....

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