Monday, August 10, 2009


I love music.Music is in my heart.When I was very young I never thought that I would become a singer.That is why I could not be able to become a singer.But I love music.So my love for music did not work.I lacked passion and dedication.I was a shy singer.And my shyness ruined my dream.I was shy because I was not confident.I lacked confidence because I did not have will power to do something for learn music.So Passion,Dedication,Will power and Confidence-these are the four things I think to be key of success in any field.I would like to give another example.
I liked a girl in my school life.She was i same batch.I liked her very much.When I was just in class IX I felt a that I have a soft corner for her.So I thought someday I would propose her.But then four years were just passed by and I even could not be able to gather confidence to talk to her.
This was just a small example.Now I understand that if I really liked her I would never let her go just like that.I could not gather confidence and will power may be because she was not my first priority in life at that time.Now this is a new thing-Priority.How can you prioritize your feelings?Well,from my point of view,feelings are just outcome of your emotions.You can control your emotions with your dedication.If you want to achieve something,you have to be dedicated to that thing.
Many of us can not achieve what we really want to.Because what we really want is decided by our internal emotions and imaginations.If a man who hates dancing,starts taking lessons to learn dance for some reason and stick to it 24X7hrs,he will never be able to become a good dancer because his emotions and internal mindset will refrain his movements.
So,in life the first and foremost priority is of our emotions.We have to control our emotions with our dedication and will power.Only then we will be achieve our desired goal.And once we move one step towards success,our confidence eventually grows.And this is the only one way journey towards success I think.

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