Sunday, August 9, 2009


I was just chatting with one of my friends a little while ago.And I discovered a new theory on life and money and emotion.He was just asking me if he can earn a few bucks from writing blogs.I did not really know the answer.Instead of answering his question I just asked him that,whether he would be able to do anything for money.And the answer was affirmative.As much as I've seen him I found him to be one of the most non-poetic personalities.He told me just a few minutes ago that he even would be able to write poems if he is paid by someone for it.
From then I am puzzled with just one question..Can you buy emotions with money?Now let's forget about this brilliant friend of mine.In my personal life I have met with many people to whom emotions and relationships are meaningless.Money is ultimate thing for them.People kill other people for money.Even people kill themselves to make money for his family.Now there may be a contradiction.If a man kills himself for money to make his family happy and live a better life,you can not call him a selfish man who can do anything for money.But on the other side,can the family ever be happy with the money that was given for life of one its members?
Money makes life brighter.Without money you see the darker side of life.When the darkness becomes really suffocating and horrifying you try to do any possible thing you can to put on a light and make your life brighter.So it is hard to tell that if your path is right or wrong.Situation makes you take decisions.Decisions make your path to your destiny.Destiny makes your life to go through what it was destined for.If money comes in your way you grab it.If it does not you find it.If you can not you get lost.And that is also a decision made by you.
Emotion is a thing that drives your life and makes you happy and unhappy and all that.Everything is illusion,emotion is also an illusion.Then what is reality.Well my dear,reality is nothing.Is money real?Well to some extent it is.If you have to pay huge bills and college fees and buy things money is the most real thing.Then emotion is also a real thing.It is that illusive reality that made your parents to love and care you,make you fall in love,make you cry when you break up with your beloved one,makes you sad when you are alone.But if you are on the darker side emotion is illusion and money is reality.And if you have a huge bank balance then you get bored of what you have.Then monetary world becomes illusion for you.
What you think you have is illusion..What you want to have is your reality...And your reality is the biggest illusion in your life.
Always there are exceptions.Rich people may want to be richer at any cost.Emotions are useless for them.Their illusion becomes their reality.
So let us go back to my "wanna be poet for money" friend.He wants to earn money at any cost.That is his reality.And for achieving his illusive reality he is ready to create another illusion...
Well the blog is now becoming an illusion to me right now...Let me think for rest of my night...whether blogging is implementing illusive ideas in words or facing reality(which I think actually is an illusion)?

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